About Us


The Community School for Creative Education partners with families and communities to provide a rigorous college-preparatory program integrated into a culturally rich, arts-infused, highly personalized curriculum inspired by Waldorf education for the diverse students of Oakland, to promote equity and prepare culturally competent, well-rounded, lifelong learners to lead, contribute to, and successfully participate in our rapidly changing multicultural society.


The Community School for Creative Education envisions a future in which all children have access to quality education; all children experience success in community and career; and youth voices contribute in valued and meaningful ways to the success of a thriving, equitable, and multicultural society.

What Makes Our School Unique

A Cutting-Edge Approach to Waldorf Education:

  • We are the country’s first Urban Public Waldorf charter school.
  • We are bringing Waldorf education back to its social justice roots; mirroring its early history of serving the children of inner-city Stuttgart, Germany with the highest quality education possible.  
  • We are continually evolving a rigorous curriculum which unifies Waldorf principles with the common core.

Education for the Hands, Head, and Heart:

  • Artistic expression and movement is a part of every classroom, every day.
  • Mindfulness classes and on-site therapeutic services support intrapersonal development.

A Commitment to Diversity:

  • We choose to locate in Oakland, CA, one of the most diverse cities in the nation.  We strongly advocated for our school location, in the heart of the diverse San Antonio district, on the very ‘international’ International Blvd.
  • In an era when public education is becoming increasingly segregated, CSCE is proud to be one of the most diverse schools in the state.

Deep Ties to the Local Community:

  • Neighborhood business owners send us their children, partnerships with community organizations have brought art installations to our walls and trees to our sidewalks.
  • To meet the diverse needs of our parents, we hold community meetings in English, Spanish, Cantonese, and Vietnamese.
  • The school hosts a monthly mobile food pantry, staffed by our middle school volunteers.

High Standards:

  • We work to build intellectually engaged global citizens and see academic achievement as the product of children meeting their full potential.
  • We set high standards for academic achievement and regularly measure our performance against other district schools.
  • We prepare and support students to advance to academically competitive high schools and colleges.



Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, let them go forth in freedom.

Reciber a los niños en reverencia, educarlos en amor, dejarlos ir en libertad.










School Verse


Cited by Cecil Hardwood,

Co-Founder of the first Waldorf schools in an English speaking country (1898-1975)

This is our school

Let peace dwell here.

Let the room be filled with contentment.

Let Love abide here:

Love of one another

Love of humankind

Love of the earth

And love of life itself.

Let us remember:

As many hands build a house,

So, many hearts make a school.

Esta es nuestra escuela

Que la paz habite aquí.

Que el cuarto se llene de satisfacción.

Dejar que el amor permanezca aqui:

Amor de unos a otros

El amor de humanidad

Amor a la tierra.

Amor a la vida misma.


Como tantas manos construyen una casa

Así, muchos corazones hacen una escuela.










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