Just In: CSCE Peralta Community Colleges Partnership

How your child can earn college credit with support and for free in middle school!  We are delighted and thankful that CSCE serves as pilot for the Peralta Community Colleges Partnership with  middle schools.CSCE and Peralta Community Colleges plans to launch the first slate of January 2017 for its 7th and 8th graders.  Stay tuned.  

CSCE Wins An Other $20,000 San Francisco Foundation Grant!

CSCE is proud to receive its 4th San Francisco Foundation grant.  This gift brings the Foundation's total giving to Community School to $80,000.The award is not only tremendously generous.  It is even more. It signals the Foundation's regard for CSCE's work as model.   We are the only single school on the Foundation's portfolio.  Our program officer advises this is because we are not just a school but a strategy to advance equity.We thank the San Francisco Foundation .

CSCE Hosts Noted Brazilian Waldorf Educator Reinaldo Nascimento

Over the past two weeks, Community School has been host to Mr. Reinaldo Nascimento. Mr Nascimento hails from Sao Paulo Brazil's Waldorf social community in the Favela Monte Azul.  Mr. Nascimento travels world wide with Friends of Waldorf Education's Emergency Pedagogy to serve children in need. Back home, Mr Nascimento is lead of the Brazilian Emergency Pedagogy Team.    Most recently he and his Brazilian team joined the international team  in Iraq and Gaza. From Oakland Mr.