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Design team/Launch Team

The CSCE design team has been working for three years to build a school. CSCE has been committed to involving parents and community in building the school from the beginning. Early on, CSCE partnered with Oakland Community Organizations (OCO), a community organizing group. OCO has spent the last 12 years reforming schools in Oakland. OCO worked with parents to transform over-crowded, mulit-tracked schools serving primarily students of color from low income neighborhoods. OCO worked with allies and the district to create 40 jn-district small schools, as well as charter schools. This work was done by organizing parents. Many of these small schools have local organizing committees (LOCs), parent leadership, and family resource centers. CSCE exists because of the work OCO, and is following this tradition of parent and community involvement. Now is the critical moment where parent leadership is vital. The design team, now called The Launch Team, comprises many important teams based on specific expertise and interest:

Leadership team

  • Scope: Design team development, strategic direction, political strategy (district, state), educational vision, community partnerships
  • Petition Sections: Assurances, Founding Group, Mission & Vision, Students to be Served (w/ Family & Marketing), Educational Philosophy (w/ Education), Governance (w/ Governance & Legal)

Administration/Operations team

  • Scope: Data Management, School Administration
  • Petition Sections: Methods of Assessment (w/ Core Education), Use & Reporting of Data (w/ Core Education), Admissions Policies (w/ HR &Legal), Suspension & Expulsion ( w/ HR & Legal), Public School Alternative, Administrative Services (w/ Business & HR)

Business team

  • Scope: Finance/Budget, Business Plan
  • Petition Sections: Audits, Compensation & Benefits (w/ HR), School Closure, Facilities (w/ Facilities), Administrative Services (w/ Admin & HR), School Contracts (w/ Legal), Budget

Core Education team

  • Scope: K-8 Instructional Program, Waldorf Approach, Multi-cultural Education
  • Petition Sections: Educational Philosophy (w/ LT), Curriculum & Instruction Design, Special Education, Plan for Low/High Achieving Students, English Language Learners (w/ Family), Measurable Pupil Outcomes, Methods of Assessment, Use & Reporting of Data (w/ Admin)

Development/Fundraising team

  • Scope: Donor Cultivation, Grant Research & Solicitation, Communications & Grant Management
  • Petition Sections: None

Educational Enrichment team

  • Scope: Research, Design, Funding for Afterschool Program & Family Resource Center; Community Partnerships
  • Petition Sections: None

Facilities team

  • Scope: Real Estate Research, School Design/Architecture/Construction, Landscape/Garden/Playground
  • Petition Sections: Health & Safety (w/ H & S), Facilities (w/ Business)

Family/Community team

  • Scope: Community Listening, Community Outreach/Engagement, Family Communications (incl. Parent Council), Family Resource Center
  • Petition Sections: Students to be Served (w/ LT and Marketing), Racial & Ethnic Balance (w/ Marketing), English Language Learner (w/ Core Education)

Governance team

  • Scope: Management Structure & Strategy; Board Recruitment & Training, General Governance, Political Strategy (District/State)
  • Petition Sections: Governance (w/ LT & Legal), Compensation & Benefits (w/ Legal & HR)

Health & Safety team

  • Scope: OSHA, Emergency Preparedness, Medical (Staff, Students)
  • Petition Sections: Health & Safety (w/ Facilities)

Human Resources team

  • Scope: Staff Recruitment & Compensation Strategy, Employee Rights, Benefits, & Representation,
  • Petition Sections: Qualifications of Employees (w/ Marketing), Admissions Policies (w/ Legal & Admin), Suspension & Expulsion (w/ Legal & Admin), Public School Alternative, Rights of District Employees (w/ Legal), Dispute Resolution (w/ Legal), Employee Representation (w/ Legal), Administrative Services (w/ Admin & Business)

Legal team

  • Scope: Legal Counsel and/or Help Secure Pro Bono Legal Counsel
  • Petition Sections: Governance (w/ Governance & LT), Admissions Policies (w/ HR & Admin), Suspension & Expulsion (w/ Admin & HR), Compensation & Benefits (w/ HR & Governance), Rights of District Employees (w/ HR), Dispute Resolution (w/ HR), Employee Representation (w/ HR), School Contracts (w/ Business), Impact on District & Liabilities

Marketing team

  • Scope: Community Listening, Community Engagement/Public Relations, Student Enrollment Strategy, Staff Recruiting Strategy, Marketing Materials, School Branding
  • Petition Sections: Students to be Served (w/ LT & Family), Racial & Ethnic Balance (w/ Family), Qualifications of Employees (w/ HR)

Pre-school team

  • Scope: Research & Secure Funding, Design Program Model
  • Petition Sections: None

Technology team

  • Scope: Website Development, E-Marketing/Communications Support, School Communications Systems, Technical Writing
  • Petition Sections: None (Support Marketing?) We hope you'll join the team! Please consider your background, skills, interests, and time availability in selecting one or more teams. Email us at to let us know how you can participate. Many thanks!

Academic Service Learning Consulting & Translation Services

Maria D. Ortiz, Ph.D Academic Service Learning Consulting & Translation Services.