We have a home!

After long deliberation amongst all of us, and hard work to find the optimal site for our beginnings, we have reached a decision.

This Wednesday night, we all gathered to think through this important decision and how we can embrace it as a community. Following the LOC meeting, our Community School for Creative Education Board formally accepted the Oakland Unified School District offer of space on the campus of Howard Elementary School, 8755 Fontaine, Oakland.

We know this location is not our end goal. Our end goal will be in the San Antonio Fruitvale community. This location does mark our beginning. We are grateful to have this tree rimmed space as our beginning so we can open this fall as planned in a safe well lit space.

The challenge is the distance of the school to our San Antonio community.

Our focus going forward is to build bridges so we, as a whole community, can safely get to Howard and make the Howard campus a strong launch spot for Community School for Creative Education. Stay tuned on further details on the site and transportation options and supports.

For now we ask you to join us in marking this important milestone in our shared school journey: We have our home.