CSCE Hosts Noted Brazilian Waldorf Educator Reinaldo Nascimento

Over the past two weeks, Community School has been host to Mr. Reinaldo Nascimento. Mr Nascimento hails from Sao Paulo Brazil's Waldorf social community in the Favela Monte Azul.  Mr. Nascimento travels world wide with Friends of Waldorf Education's Emergency Pedagogy to serve children in need. Back home, Mr Nascimento is lead of the Brazilian Emergency Pedagogy Team.    Most recently he and his Brazilian team joined the international team  in Iraq and Gaza. From Oakland Mr. Nascimento is heading to Ecuador to join the rest of the International Waldorf Emergency Pedagogy Team in Ecuador to help children and families in the capital, ravished by the recent earthquake. This is the 3rd visit Friends of Waldorf Education's Emergency Pedagogy Team brings to Oakland!Amazingly Mr. Nascimento donated his vacation to help us in Oakland.  "I am so excited at the work you do," he explained.  We thank Mr Nascimento for the songs, movements and games and deeper understanding of Waldorf he has brought us.