Instructional Approaches

Waldorf Online

Information about Waldorf education is available on the internet. To get you started, see these links selected by Bob Reckard:

Introduction, easy to navigate:

Online libraries

Resources for parents (blogs)

Waldorf School sites

Every Waldorf school seems to have a website. This one uses very user-friendly language instead of just jumping into Waldorf terminology:


You can search YouTube using keywords such as "Waldorf water color" or "main lesson book". Here are a few YouTube videos that illustrate Waldorf educational approaches:

Waldorf painting water color tutorial:

Chalkboard art (sped-up), Davis Waldorf:

What is Waldorf? How to Waldorfize Your Lesson Plan (comparing approaches)


Related Articles and Resources

Tech Gets a Time Out by Dan Frost, San Francisco Magazine, April 2010. A Silicon Valley CEO and Waldorf parent on the viritues of low tech for young children in Waldorf school.