Similar School Models

Community School for Creative Education builds on an international legacy of Waldorf schools, and draws inspiration from similar efforts for public schools focused on creative education for the whole child.

News from the international community of Waldorf-inspired schools

  • UNESCO World Youth Festival in the Stutgart Waldorf School in Germany
    In July 2009, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organziation, known as UNESCO again for the third year sponsored its International Youth Festival, bringing together young people from around the world, in Stuttgart , Germany , the founding city of Waldorf education. Its plenary sessions were held in the Stuttgart Waldorf School (for more see The focus of the festival is promoting international understanding, promoting the inter-cultural dialogue & learning with and from one anotherpromoting understanding and hospitality internationally.

    Read about the social mission in Waldorf education, including how schools have provided intercultural links in socially polarized communities such as South Africa, Israel, and Brazil, and Waldorf/UNESCO connection on the k12academics website.

    Also see Waldorf schools in the UNESCO Project School Network

  • Waldorf comes to Vietnam beginning with Thanh Cherry (2008)

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