CSCE Hosts Noted Brazilian Waldorf Educator Reinaldo Nascimento

Over the past two weeks, Community School has been host to Mr. Reinaldo Nascimento. Mr Nascimento hails from Sao Paulo Brazil's Waldorf social community in the Favela Monte Azul.  Mr. Nascimento travels world wide with Friends of Waldorf Education's Emergency Pedagogy to serve children in need. Back home, Mr Nascimento is lead of the Brazilian Emergency Pedagogy Team.    Most recently he and his Brazilian team joined the international team  in Iraq and Gaza. From Oakland Mr.

CSCE Takes 2nd Place City-Wide: Nine CSCE 4th Graders Receive Coveted Oral Lee Brown Foundation Scholarship

April 29, 2016: Nine  Community School Oral Lee Brown Foundation Scholarship winners, putting Community School in second place  city-wide for its number of Oral Lee Brown Foundation Scholars!  We are proud. Our winners receive free Saturday adn Summer School through 12th grade and FREE college tuition!  Thanks to the Oral Lee Brown Foundation and our deeply committed families!  We are proud to celebrate CSCE's college-going culture with our whole community.  College begins in kindergarten.  

Just In: CSCE helps our families without Internet receive 6-months free internet in their homes--- and get a free computer!

Wednesday September 3 -  CSCE ran the Oakland Tech Equity Parent Sign-Up Clnic!  We helped students in families without Internet receive 6 months of free internet in their homes..... and they got a free computer too!  Thank you, Director Jim Hollis of Calculus Roundtable for your key assistance and thank you City of Oakland Education Director David Silver for providing this opportunity for our students and families.