CSCE forges powerful partnership with Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center and Oakland Head Start

Oakland Head Start , Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, and Community School for Creative Education: offering pathway though 5-week Seminar at Community School for parents and other community leaders to become credentialed as they start or expand their own business. Next 5-week Seminar June 12 - July 10 2018 at Community School - no $$ cost just be on time and stay full 3 hours for these 5 Tuesdays. Build your knowledge; build your skills; build your resume; build your network. Incredible opportunity. For more contact 510 221 2003

CSCE helps launch Mills College Waldorf Certificate Program

CSCE aides in launch of the Mills College Waldorf Certificate Program. Mills Launches Waldorf Certificate ProgramMills College School of Education is launching a new summer Waldorf Certificate Program in collaboration with Alanus University, Germany. Waldorf education promotes a pedagogy that emphasizes the role of imagination in learning, striving to integrate holistically the intellectual, practical, and artistic development of students.