CSCE Wins Membership In International GLOBAL SCHOLARS Program

December 20, 2016:  Community School wins membership in the internatinally acclaimed Global Scholars Program.  The Global Scholars Program is fully funded and links our students to 10,000 of their peers in 23 other countries and 45 other cities. The program is designed to build global competencies, critical thinking and cross-cultural communications skills as well as creating positive actions to benefit our students' local and global communities through an internatinal digital exchange among student participants.

Community School Applies for 21st Century Learning Centers Elementary and Middle Schools Grant, due December 20, 2916

Community School is applying for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers-Elementary & Middle Schools Grant Applicaiton by December 20, 2016.   If won, moneys would support our  after- and summer school.

Just In: CSCE Peralta Community Colleges Partnership

How your child can earn college credit with support and for free in middle school!  We are delighted and thankful that CSCE serves as pilot for the Peralta Community Colleges Partnership with  middle schools.CSCE and Peralta Community Colleges plans to launch the first slate of January 2017 for its 7th and 8th graders.  Stay tuned.