Latino Heritage at CSCE

  It is originally September 15-October 15. It is when people recognize the contributions of hispanic and latino americans to the us and celebrate the groups heritage and culture. Hispanic Heritage week was approved by president Lyndon Johnson and the length of it was expanded by president Ronald Reagon. Latino Heritage is important to community schools because we want the students to know about the Latino Heritage and what their culture is really like. They should know that not every culture is the same and they are all different in their own ways. It is also important because the more the kids grow up they forget about their traditions. Latino Heritage honor Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, two great labor leaders who co-funded the National Farm Workers Assosiation (NFWA) and help organize the Delano Grape Strike-One of the most successful strikes in labor history. Chavez led a strike of California grape workers on a 300 mile march from Delano to Sacramento to raise awareness for their cause. He was marching for Justice. Learn more about Ceasr Chavez Here.